Strategic Advisory Services

At S3, we believe in full commitment to our client’s success though focusing on the best practices tailored to our clients needs. It is through this partnership that value is created. Our strategies are designed with impact not being an afterthought.

S3 will provide you with the most experienced representatives in the industry to guide you along your business journey. Our profound knowledge along with our commitment to your business, allow us to meet and exceed your goals. We are a leader in our industry and offer new and innovative solutions for our clients to achieve their success.

Our Advisory Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding our clients’ markets, risks and expansion opportunities

  • Investment options and strategies, and portfolio design

  • Business valuations

  • Asset and opportunity recommendations, and sourcing services

  • Strategic Planning

  • And more…

Professional Services

In multiple verticals, we offer turnkey solutions...including:

  • Project and Program Management consulting and services

  • Asset Management, Monitoring & Protection, 3D modeling, image analytics, topography & land terrain mapping

  • Security Planning, Technology Guidance, and Management

  • Site Surveys & Assessments

  • Business Process Improvement & cost-reduction strategies

  • Global Account Management

  • And more…

Business Development

S3 provides business development consultation that foster high-level partnerships that enable more revenue, create better products and/or increase efficiency for your firm. These partnerships can help you:

  • Access new markets

  • Increase sales to existing markets

  • Improve your access to technology

  • Boost your productivity

  • Gain capital (human or financial)

Global Sourcing

S3 is uniquely positioned in the market to both assess potential clients' operational needs and provide relevant feedback to our supplier partners.

We have developed relationships which enable S3 to provide a variety of products and commodities, and moreover fosters our having a combination of both domain knowledge and experience across a variety of verticals.

Facilitation Services

S3 serve as liaison for local and international businesses to smoothly trade in commodities such as financial instruments, dore, bullion, gemstone, metals, and more.

It is important to understand that S3 have an exhaustive due diligence process in place and we expect the same from all the brokers and facilitators who wish to work with us. We have a thorough on-boarding process that must be followed.

We do not work with long chains of brokers. As such, if you approach S3, you should endeavor to be direct with your principal (end buyer or end seller). And, bear in mind it is difficult to work when there is no transparency.