S3 Sports

S3 has worked with several Pro Athletes around the world in a capacity much greater than sports. With our CEO’s experience as a Pro Athlete and 15 years removed, he understands the landscape, confidentiality and best practices to ensure the Pro Athletes he deals with today are in the best situation possible with their understanding of their current financial situation and investments around the world.


Player Contract financing

1. Professional Sports Player Contract. Please include any addendum

2. Personal Financial Statement

3. Amount of Loan requested

4. A Use of Funds statement (what the funds will be used for).

5. Last 2 years tax returns

6. Executed FSCA by the Client/Player (see attachment)

Due Diligence- S3 will review any past, current or future financial deal that is active to ensure the Athletes interest is still the number one concern and that the numbers and opportunities match up with their expectations.

Investor Relations and Programs- S3 will actively coordinate with Pro athletes regarding potential investment opportunities, investment approaches and other featured investment programs. S3 will also be looking to ultimately assist the Pro Athlete with providing debt/equity capital for projects and also assisting in relieving the Pro Athlete from non productive deals they have already engaged in. S3 will work with the Pro Athlete to remove the project(s) from their portfolios with minimum risk.